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In medical terms autologous banking means, that parents decide to have their baby´s cord blood collected after birth and saved for future autologous transplantation. However, it needs to be pointed out that early childhood diseases affecting the blood or immune system, are preferably treated with somebody else's stem cells, that do not contain any predisposition towards the respective disease (an allogeneic transplant, from a donor who is either related or unrelated). Autologous cord blood transplantations are performed in case of solid tumors like Neuroblastoma, or acquired blood diseases like Aplastic Anemia.

Within the last few years, clinical trials exploring the efficacy of autologous cord blood infusions for the correction of other pediatric conditions like Diabetes Type 1, cerebral palsy and other brain disorders of the newborn have been launched. According to thorough research of Frances Verter up to now 206 children have been treated with their own cord blood.

Autologous donation is a service offered by Vivocell´s private cord blood bank for the collection, processing and storage of your baby's umbilical cord blood.