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Vivocell offers the opportunity to establish a private, autologous stem cell depot for every child. All you need is the Vivocell collection kit and the contract documents.

Both can be ordered directly at Vivocell either by e-mail - office@vivocell.org - or toll free hotline 0800 80 80 230.


Please return the contract documents and pregnancy anamnesis (signed by a physician) to Vivocell, prior to your child's birth.

Collection kit

The Vivocell collection kit - a transport bag equipped with an insulating protection system and a temperature monitoring system – contains a sterile umbilical cord blood collection set and all required documents. Please inform the maternity clinic and your physician about your intention to have your baby´s cord blood collected.


Please hand over the collection kit to your obstetrician or midwife in order to enable him/her to carry out the cord blood collection. The residual blood from the umbilical cord and the placenta is collected immediately after delivery in a sterile fashion. The procedure is absolutely pain- and risk-free for mother and child.


After notifying our transport service, the cord blood sample will be picked up at the maternity clinic. The phone number of the transport service is to be found on the top cover of the collection kit as well as on the accompanying documents.

Cord blood processing in the lab

In the lab the stem and immune cells will be isolated, frozen and stored at approximately -170°C in liquid nitrogen tanks.


After conclusion of all required analysis, the stem cell depot will be cleared (approximately 4 weeks after delivery). You will receive a certificate, serving as confirmation for the successful stem cell storage.