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 First Announcement Zurich 2012

After the great success of the first symposium (2008 in Zurich, Switzerland) and the second symposium (2010 in Gmunden, Austria), we are pleased to announce the third Symposium of the "Institute for Stem Cell Biology Zurich" in cooperation with Vivocell Biosolutions:

                              The Success of Cord Blood                 

                                 February 17-18, 2012                                   
                                   Zurich, Switzerland

The "Institute for Stem Cell Biology Zurich", a virtual platform for the advancement of the application of stem cells in the treatment of human diseaseshas set itself the objective of inviting international experts to participate in scientific discourse and in the exchange of experience at regular intervals.

The treatment of oncological and genetic diseases with the help of stem cells has been of utmost importance for many years.

New insights and the increasing availability of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, which are stored under optimum conditions and at optimum quality level and which are immediately available in high-resolution HLA-typed form,
have led us to co-organize this symposium.

Vivocell Biosolutions would like to cordially invite you to attend this meeting. Internationally highly acclaimed scientists will present their newest findings.


We look forward to seeing you at this symposium!

Congress-information: www.congrex.ch/iscb2012