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Cord blood is an attractive addition and alternative to stem cells from bone marrow or blood of adult donors, as cord blood characterized by a number of advantages:

  1. Ease of procurement
  2. Absence of risks to the donor
  3. Reduced likelihood of transmitting infections
  4. Storage of fully tested and HLA-typed stem cells 
  5. CB-transplantations result in a similar long-term survival together with decreased GvHD and better long-term immune recovery compared to HLA-matched unrelated BM transplants.
  6. The search for an HLA-matched unrelated adult donor may take as long as 3-4 months. Cord blood, however, is promptly available for immediate use, which may be crucial for patients with aggressive malignancies.
  7. For patients in urgent need, cord blood offers a higher chance to find a suitable donor and is safer due to less stringent HLA-matching requirements. 
  8. Vivocell cord blood banks provide the transplantation centre with all information required, including high resolution HLA typing, comprehensive viral and bacteriological status, donor´s family medical history and a detailed report of the unit´s cellular composition, as well as a report on collection, transportation, preparation, freezing process and storing conditions.