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Individual stem cell provision

The purpose of private stem cell banking is to facilitate livelong access to a depot of own, young and healthy stem cells. A stem cell depot constitutes a valuable biological cell resource which presumably enables to benefit from cell therapies in the field of oncology and regenerative medicine especially at an advanced age.

Cell processing and storage rates

Costs for transport, collection kit rent, cell processing and storage for the first five years, pregnancy anamnesis and cord blood collection are included in all rates. A 6 week right of withdrawal is offered. The duration of validity starts at the delivery date and is independent of the rate and any payments made prior to that date. Currently Vivocell is the only cord blood bank offering this convenience. Take your time to make your decision unhurriedly, without stress prior to delivery.


Immediate payment                          EUR 1.990,-- incl. VAT
Invoice and payment following contract conclusion

Partial payment                                  EUR 2.490,-- incl. VAT
first payment of                                   EUR     550,-- incl. VAT
upon contract conclusion,
followed by 12 quarterly
partial payments each                         EUR    160,-- incl. VAT 
(only for Austrian residents) 

Collection kit

In Austria one may alternatively obtain the collection kit at a pharmacy (price EUR 250,--). The price will be discounted form the total rate and can therefore be considered as included in the total rate.

Further storage costs upon contract extension

Storage costs for the first five years are included in all tariffs. Storage costs of EUR 220.-- for every additional 5 years incur upon contract extension of an existing depot.

Vivocell reassures that probable price adjustments will not exceed  EURIBOR in force at that time. Due to accurate calculations and a good financial basis a lifelong storage of your stem cells is ensured.

Discount in case of multiple birth?

In case of multiple birth (e.g. twins), Vivocell reimburses 50% of the costs for the second as well as any further child. The initial tariffs are the same as listed above. In case of an immediate payment the costs for the first child amount to EUR 1.990,--. Costs for any further children are reduced to EUR 995,-- (incl. storage costs for the first five years).

Discount for a second child?

If you already have a stem cell depot with Vivocell you will be guaranteed a discount of EUR 250,- for any further child.

The collection kit (including the sterile collection set) can be ordered directly at Vivocell. Costs for the collection kit are included in all rates.

Right of withdrawal?

You have a right of withdrawal for up to six weeks after birth. During these six weeks you can recall your payments without declaration of reasons, if you wish to call off your decision for precautionary storage of your child´s stem cells. In any case the collection kit remains property of Vivocell.


Use the convenient opportunity to download your personal contract and return the filled in documents to Vivocell.


Download Contract for private umbilical cord blood provision in Austria
Download Contract for private umbilical cord blood provision in Germany

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