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Stem cells are the progenitors of life.
Adult stem cells are lifelong residents in the human body. They can be derived e.g. from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. Stem cells are responsible for the continuous regeneration of different tissue types and organs as well as the immune and haematopoietic system. Therefore, they are of paramount importance for the treatment of disorders like leukaemia. Umbilical cord blood is not only particularly rich in stem cells, but comprises especially young and viable cells.

Umbilical cord blood donation is easy and moreover risk- as well as pain-free to the donor, actually it does not affect the mother or the child at all. Unfortunately nowadays information regarding the possibility of donating stem cells is still insufficient. Hence, 98% of all available cord blood units are discarded and disposed of and are therefore irrecoverably lost for potential therapeutic applications.  

Two options for the reasonable exploitation of umbilical cord blood are offered: Public cord blood donation (any expenses are 100% incurred by Vivocell) and private cord blood banking (parents bare full costs).