Storage & Donation

At the request of the parents, stem cells can be removed from the placenta and umbilical cord and then stored at our company.

This process is extremely complicated, but in the case of a blood donation, the parents are exempt from any costs.


Following the removal of the blood, a choice of three possibilities is available:

  • Own storage:

    We store the donation for you. This service is subject to a fee and the donation is intended solely for your child.

  • Anonymous public donation:

    You provide a donation for the public at large and this is free of charge.

  • Family-oriented donation:

    This donation is also free of charge and intended directly for a sick family member. It is important to note that the donation is intended genuinely for a family member, who has been specifically named (e.g. niece or nephew) and cannot be used for any family member simply as required. Such a donation is only offered in special cases and is foreseen especially for a sick person.

If you have any questions, please use our return call service. We are pleased to answer your enquiries.